Does Catherine have separate branches or offices in other countries?

No, we currently do not have separate branches or offices in other countries. We prefer to communicate with customers directly via e-mail or telephone instead of another office to prevent miscommunication and increase efficiency.

Does the Overseas Wedding Package include hotel or airfare?

The Overseas Wedding Package does not include hotel or airfare. Your local travel agencies will be more convenient and will be able to provide you with better rates.

Where is Catherine located? Is it easy to find?

We have a map at our website http://www.catherine.com.tw/about/map.htm Taxi is a good transportation option. Otherwise if you take the MRT, we are on #2 Tamsui line at Shuanglian station. From exit 2 we are about a 5 minute walk. Our webpage has a link for nearby hotels and transportation information.

As an overseas customer I do not speak much Mandarin, will there be communication problems?

We will use e-mail as our main form of communication. If your Mandarin is not fluent, that is not a problem. Our Photographer’s terminology is mainly – turn around, raise your head, lower your hand, and smile, etc. for photography guidance. Don’t worry; our Photographers have enough experience to guide you.

Besides the Overseas Wedding Package cost, is there the possibility of extra expenses?

The Company does not add hidden costs to earn profit. (For example: We do not add extra costs to photography dresses, accessories, or hair pieces, etc.) Potential extra expenses are: 1. Outdoor shooting location fees apply to certain locations (Example: coffee shops, admission tickets, etc.) 2. Outdoor shooting car rental fee 3. One time use makeup-stabilizing essence lotion ampoule (According to your own skin condition, you can decide if you would like to use.) 4. Extra photos 5. Groom’s vest, for you to decide if you would like to rent. 6. Fresh flower bouquet and flower petals. We provide satin flower bouquets for photography use. 7. Photo album shipping fee.

Do you offer discounts for the Overseas Wedding Package?

The Company set package price and content is very clear and reasonable. We offer a standard price to avoiding bargaining and to treat all of our customers fairly. If you would like to adjust the set package we can create a custom package to fit your personal needs.

How many days in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Please make your reservation at least 2 months in advance so that you can schedule your desired photography date.

How do I make a reservation online?

A deposit reserves your shooting date. The remaining balance is due after the photography date when you select your photos. You can pay online with credit card (VISA or MASTER) please ensure you also fill out the credit card payment form.

What is the cost of overseas shipping? What is the expected delivery time?

Overseas shipping varies and is calculated based on distance and weight. Delivery time is approximately 3 business days. Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Korea shipping cost is approximately $3500NT The shipping company will call when the package has arrived to ensure you are available to receive it.

How many outfits are photographed indoors? How many outfits are photographed outdoors? Can I request more outfits to be photographed outdoors or even all outfits to be photographed outdoors?

The number of outfits you wear is set according to your package. However, the ratio of indoor and outdoor photos can be discussed with your Photographer. You can decide based on your personal preferences. Please note that the weather is also an important deciding factor.

How long does the photography session take?

The photography session takes approximately 8 hours.

Does the outdoor photography session cost extra? For example: transportation and admission ticket cost.

Every couple has different outdoor photography preferences resulting in different location distances; therefore we are unable to provide a package with transportation costs included. For the outdoor photography session it is necessary for you provide transportation. If car rental is needed we can also provide it at an extra cost to you. It is also necessary for you to cover highway tolls, parking fees, and admission costs. The company does not cover these costs; you pay the recipient directly in cash.

What locations can I go for the outdoor photography session? Do I need to pay extra for farther locations?

We do not limit outdoor photography locations. However, we are limited by where we can travel to and return from within one day. You will communicate with the Photographer to decide a travel route and take photos along the way. Taipei city and New Taipei city are both included in locations you can choose from. Farther locations outside of the Taipei area vary in distance; we will give you a quote based on the distance.

Can I do the indoor and outdoor photo session on two separate days? Will that cost extra?

If the separate day photo session is not because of unforeseen weather difficulty, we need to charge extra to take photos on two separate days.

What happens in the case of rain for an outdoor photo session? Will it cost extra to change the date?

If it is a result of rain, you can take your outdoor photo session on a different day without an extra fee. If it is a light sprinkle, that will not affect the photography session. If it is heavy rain we will take pictures at indoor or covered locations at your desired destination. For overseas customers it’s important to know that you might have to extend your stay in order to wait for the rain to subside.

Does the Groom need to bring his own suit for the photo session?

According to the Overseas Photography Package we provide 2 outfit rentals (suit or tuxedo) for the groom. White leather dress shoes are also included. Please bring your own black/dark dress shoes and also black and white socks. If you would like more variety, you may also bring your own suit, dress shirt, tie, jeans, or casual shirt.

Can I bring my personal camera and take pictures during the photo session?

To prevent distracting the Photographer and lighting crew please do not take photos while they are working. However, you are allowed to bring your personal camera for use while taking a break.

If I have impaired vision what should I do? Will it affect the photos?

If you wear glasses, we recommend bringing an extra frame without lenses because of the lens reflection. Alternatively, you can also bring contact lenses.

Can I bring my pet to the photo session for photography?

Yes you may bring your pet to the photo session as long as you communicate that with the photographer beforehand.

Can I bring wedding rings, props, or stuffed animals for the photo shoot?

Yes, these items add a personal and special touch to the photos. Please let the photographer know you would like to use these items during your meeting and he/she will suggest when to best use these items.

What format do you save these photos? Will I have problems printing extra photos in the future?

Everything is digitized. We provide you with your photos on a CD in JPEG format. You will be able to reprint photos at a general photo shop.

Do I select my own dresses?

You select your own dresses. A dress consultant will be at your side to help with suggestions, changing, and taking your measurements.

What is the essence lotion ampule? What is the cost?

The essence lotion ampule is a makeup stabilizing serum. Usually it is used on parts of the face that produce more oil. It can also be used on dry skin. After use it will allow your makeup to adhere to your skin and look more natural so it does not fall off. According to your own skin condition, you can decide if you want to use it or not.

What is a bride secretary?

A bride secretary is a stylist that provides the bride with complete wedding day styling services. On the day of the wedding the Bride has her hair and makeup done at the studio. Then the bride secretary will accompany the bride to the wedding venue and change her hair and makeup for each outfit. The bride secretary only provides services for the couple. If family or friends need styling services it’s an extra cost.

Will the stylist accompany the bride at the outdoor photo session?

The stylist will prepare all the necessary accessories and give it to the photographer to change. The stylist does not accompany the bride. If you would like the stylist to accompany you, there is an additional fee.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the hair and makeup styling?

The day of your photo-shoot, your stylist will ask if you are satisfied with the styling after he/she is done with each style. If you are not satisfied please immediately give feedback so that your stylist can fix the problem.

When I am selecting my dresses, may I bring my personal camera to take pictures of the dresses?

To protect the wedding dress designer copyright, please do not take pictures of the dresses. If you need pictures of the dresses you selected, please let your dress consultant know and we will email them to you.

After taking photos, when can I pick the pictures?

Our normal procedure is that you can pick your pictures 7 days after taking the photos. However, our overseas customers can select their photos the following afternoon.

After selecting our photos, how long will the unselected photos be saved?

After you choose your photos, the unselected photos will immediately be deleted the next day by the production department so that they can continue on to the next step in the process. The company database will no longer retain the unselected photos. Therefore, we are also unable to accommodate requests to reselect or to add photos.

If I have already selected my photos, is it possible to reselect my photos?

After you have selected your photos, the production department will immediately arrange the follow-up work. Unselected photos will also be deleted at that time. The company database will no longer retain the unselected photos. Therefore after you have confirmed your photo selection, we cannot accommodate requests to change the photos.

After the photo session, will we receive all the photos taken?

Only the photos you have selected will be provided to you in digital format on a DVD.

After selecting photos, when will the photo album be ready?

After you have selected your photos, they will be ready in an average of 30 business days. Photos that need extensive editing will take longer depending on the photo retouching workflow and approval process. Extra book design will also extend production time. This will take an average of 50 days.

If I do not have time to pick up the enlarged framed photograph and photo album how long will you retain the products?

After the manufacturing process is completed, the company will only be responsible for the product for 3 months.

How long does it take to select photos?

The photo selection process ranges from 2 to 4 hours depending on your personal situation.

What is computer photo retouching?

Computer photo retouching is the process of using specialized computer retouching software to professionally edit the photos and remove blemishes and other flaws. Without making the content look unnatural, facial lines are softened or removed.

What is included in the complimentary photo retouching?

The complimentary photo retouching includes: fixing eye bags, softening wrinkles, removing moles, and noise reduction. Not included are edits that will change the basic composition of the picture, for example removing the background, or adding anything that is not already there. Other personal special requests such as whitewashing walls, figure slimming, changing/smoothing hair, or teeth whitening, etc. are also not included in complimentary photo retouching. If you need any of the above please ask your consultant for a price quote.

May I personally arrange the order of the pictures in the photo album?

When the photos are printed we have artistic specialists that arrange the order of the photos for your album. If you would like to personally arrange the order of the pictures, please inform us beforehand. Once the photo album production is complete there is no way to change the order of the photos

Do the photos have a special protective coating or treatment? Is this an extra expense?

Photo surfaces will receive special treatment to make them waterproof and prevent oxidation. Additionally this is not an extra cost.

If I want to make changes after approving the proofs, is there an additional fee?

If you have already confirmed your photo retouching and they have been printed any requests to make changes will include manufacture expenses.

May I select the shipping company?

Regarding mailing services, our contracted shipping company takes responsibility for shipping delays and damage. Yes you can, however to avoid errors that affect customer interest, if you specify the shipping company, Catherine Wedding Photography is not responsible for any damages or compensation.

Before your pre-wedding shoot began, There is some tips to you that can make your shooting experience is better and successful.

1. Please have your teeth cleaned.
2. Brides please have your hair layered higher.( please remove armpit and arm hair)
3. Brides can have nails painted.
4. Brides should bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes for outdoor photo shoot. Please also bring heels or sandals that can be photographed.( Heels or sandals color please choose gold、white or silver.)And Bride please wear pale color underwear.
5. Grooms please have hair trimmed 5-7 days before the photo session (Be careful of it being too short).
6. Grooms please trim facial hair, nose hair, and nails.
7. If you wear glasses, please bring frames without glass.
8. As for the Groom's suit we cooperate with suit company, And also provide white leather shoes. As a reason of bride have more dress to take photo, if you want to increase the richness of photos, please bring 1-2 suits or outfits to change your style when you take photo.
Grooms please bring black and white socks and black (or other dark colored) leather shoes.
9. Before taking pictures couples should practice facing the camera so that you feel more natural the day of your photo session (Please practice by taking pictures of one another).
10. If going to the beach for your photo session please bring towel, Clothing, sandals and an umbrella. (Please also bring spare undergarments)
11. Couples can prepare props, memorabilia, and favorite fresh flowers. (Please have the flower shop make an arrangement)
We provide satin flower bouquets for photography use. But if you need flower petals to make different photo, you need to prepare for it by yourself.
The company also has nearby flower shop, you can choose to purchase the day of shooting, or one day in advance to inform stylist, we will ask the florist to prepare and sent to company.
12. Please have breakfast before coming. Because it takes time for location shooting, might not have time to eat lunch, we suggest to prepare some snacks when you are going to outdoor shooting.
13. Couples please do not stay up late and do not drink too much water before bedtime.
14. Couples please do not wear clothes that need to be removed over your head. Please wear button up shirts so that your hair and makeup are not ruined when changing.
15. Please do not bring friends and family to the photo session. They might distract the progress and the photography ambience.
16. Couples that get carsick please take anti-nausea medicine 30 minutes before departing on the outdoor photo session.
17. Please wash your hair before the shooing day.
18. Please prepare insect repellent and sunscreen supplies for your outdoor photo session.
19. Overseas customer Please remember to prepare makeup remover.
20. Please come to take photo on time, so as not to affect the progress of shooting.
21. Please do not carry valuable goods when you take outdoor photo.
22. Because outdoor shooting will cost many time and go to many different place, couple might not familiar with traffic, we suggest to rental car that avoid too tired.