Bella wedding dress

Hundreds of popular classic lace brand "Sophie Hallete"
Since 1887 by the lace craftsman Eugène Hallette was founded in France, Belgium famous textile town "Sophie Hallete",To weavers fine and exclusive design by the British and the Russian royal family favorite.
The creation of more than 100 years of history, uncompromising attention to the production of lace lines,
Rare and unique is the world's most famous actress, classic fashion brand's favorite.
2011 SH more British Kate Princess's century wedding to create a special lace pattern,Also became in recent years each fashion and wedding design brand love with of classic series design.
Bella hand made weddingdress - unique ‧ elegant only for you 
All series are carefully selected exquisite level of decoration, pattern and carved lace, from the design of positioning, fabric and material selection,
Designers - Catherine K from scratch to sway creative inspiration, so that all parts can be in the best and beautiful state,Design philosophy Just want to let each one into Catherine's bride,Are put on their own destiny dress, the most important moment in life to become the most beautiful bride.
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